Fashion : DIY Haircut


Since I am still on my summer holiday, I am catching up with lots of friends. This week I have seen four friends on different days and each of them are funnier than this video, which is sayin’ something because this video is never not funny.

But all of all the funnies I have heard this week, this is the one that I can’t stop laughing at.

My friend told me a story of how her husband asked her to trim his hair recently,  after she did such a great job on their child’s haircut. She watched a few videos and then felt confident enough to make a start.

Her first attempt resulted in her sculpting three rice paddy like shapes into the back of his head.

So, after watching another video on how to cut layered hair, she tried again. This time the result was perfect but when her husband looked into the mirror, his only comment was a perplexed, ‘It looks very feminine.’

And then she realised that she had watched a YouTube video’s on how to cut women’s hair. Yep, she gave her dude a layered bob.

When he went to work the next day, his coworker told him he “looks like a medieval woman.”

Surprisingly, he wasn’t that fussed.

This is my new insult. ‘You look like a medieval woman.’

Ah, people make me laugh.

Happy Thursday page boys and girls.

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