When Craft Goes Bad

I have been an avid Pinterest pinner since it started back in the day. What I have begun to notice over the last year is that we are running out of craft ideas and some of the worst, fugliest shit is masquerading on Pinterest as craft and good ideas.

As a  result, I have been saving and curating some of the better ‘worst’ ones for your consideration.


Because the dress you made us wear was so f*cking ugly that I thought I would show you in a passive aggressive way by cutting it up.


You keep eating those all those chips and you is gonna need new pants, just sayin’.


Ten green bottles sitting on a wall. It looks ugly. And stupid. No.


I don’t even know what to say about this one. Who the hell thought of this? Now, kill them.


Again. No. It’s a f*cking grater people. A grater.


This is just hideous. Patches are always wrong and putting them on a vase ain’t gonna make them right.


Spaghetti in a Pringles can. Don’t even cover it up. Strong evidence we are running out of crafting ideas.

Just what IS this??!??

What is this? Anyone? Anyone?


Today I’m going to show you how to knit a bra for your apple.


This is a jewelry hanger. This is a fail.

Because for some reason you don't own a regular watering can.

Just stop now please. I will buy you a friggin’ watering can. Jeesh.


Hey, is that a bike in your bathroom? I wasn’t sure. Okay, good to know.


Ear muffs? Aren’t these sanitary pads for your muff? Muff muffs?  If you put a pad up to your ear and listen closely, you will hear the sounds of being a craft fail.


WTF? If I saw this in a friend’s house, I would assume it was a joke. If it wasn’t then we would no longer be friends. You might as well blow up a glove, and wear it as a hat to the races.

And that my friends it is.

Happy Friday crafty minxes!


3 thoughts on “When Craft Goes Bad”

  1. Being a member of CWA but a very “UNCRAFTY” member, I found this blog absolutely hilarious, but also very true to some extent. Fellow members of my group wonder why I don’t go to craft meetings, maybe if I send them all a copy of this they will understand why.

    1. Yep know what you mean seen, lots of strange things in the name of craft and then they put them in an exhibition and heaven forbid people pay to see it. Guess I’m not doing it right. Wendy

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