Oscar Who?

Oscars 2013: celebrity standins

My issue with the film industry is that it hasn’t remained relevant.

People no longer revere film they way they once did. Now Peter Dinklage, Bryan Cranston, Tina Fey and others rock our worlds.

We don’t need perfect and cloying, and devilishly handsome with a questionable relationship history. They’re boring. Stop trying to sell us something that we can’t relate to.

I could feel the world’s collective eye roll when Anne Hathaway  arrived on stage to collect her statue and whispered, ‘It came true.’ I tell you what didn’t come true, was my wish that you could actually give a speech that didn’t make me want to chew my own toes off.

Supposedly part of Jennifer Lawrence‘s charm is that she is ‘normal’,  but the backlash is coming now, with claims that she faked her spill on stage and other issues with her ‘lack of respect’ etc etc. Is this true? I don’t know. She looked stunned, mostly because she thought she was there to get  married, not win an Oscar judging by her dress.

AND the fact that a second tier celebrity was hosting tells you this is the job no one else wants. No one else wanted this gig. Not one person.  Next year Kim Kardashian’s baby will be hosting because it won’t know any better but she won’t be back. Eventually everyone gets the memo that it’s the worst job in the world.

Yes I thought Seth McFarlane was badly cast in the role of host, I also said I told you so to the producers but they didn’t listen before or after the show. He’s talented but a smart arse and that go over well in any workplace.

The reason Amy and Tina worked as hosts for the Golden Globes‘s was that they were in on the joke. Once TV was the inferior place to be as an actor and now it’s where everyone wants to be.

It offers regular and good money also. Family friendly hours on set. Long breaks in between seasons. Excellent writing and the power to develop a character and honour the slow leak of a story line. The exposure is also remarkable. Timothy Olyphant couldn’t get arrested in film for a long time, despite his excellent early role in the film Go. And then he’s cast in the TV hit series Justified and everyone remembers how freaking sexy and talented he is.

TV can be anything you want it to be: intelligent, soapdishy, violent, legal, moving, mysterious and glamorous.

Film seemed stuck. Now directors resort to 3D to try and convince us it’s new and exciting. Nobody’s fooled. (Wait for Gatsby in 3D. Flappers coming at ya!)

The nervous smugness of the first row actors showed me how much they also are worried this year.

And well they should be.

People aren’t going to films as much anymore. They aren’t bingeing on entire George Clooney collections all weekend like they are on TV and they aren’t as desperate for the next Anne Hathaway film the way they are for the new season of Game of Thrones.

No show has had a more thorough post-mortem than  Lena Dunham‘s show Girls. It divides people and gets them talking. It’s relevant, even if we don’t live in NYC and aren’t 20 something, but we understand the feelings.

Will I ever know the feeling of being swept away in a tsunami? I doubt it, so while I admire Naomi Watts performance, I can only imagine and I can’t ‘know’ and if I can’t know, then I don’t really have anything to say on the topic.

Right now television educates and film subjugates.

We want to talk, share, feel and know.

And this is why the Oscars sucked.

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