Life: The Summer that Never Ended


The poet Mary Clemmer, writes that ‘The Indian Summer, the dead Summer’s soul.’

That’s how Melbourne feels right now. The ghost of summer is hanging around and we need to encourage it to go to the light and allow Autumn to come down.

Selfishly, I want this to happen for my sleep, my garden and my wardrobe.

Everyone looks better in Autumn, with their light weight knits and accessories. I am tired of flip-flops on my feet and my hair pulled into a top knot.

I long to wear a scarf and a closed toe shoe.

I want to make a hearty stew or soup, do you remember soup?

Last night I swam in the sea as the sun went down, the skies were a haze of pink and purple and the sun burned so bright, it glowed like a planet.

And yet I am tired of beautiful sunsets and long warm days.

Remind me of this in about three months when I’m longing for warmth again, will you?



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