No Longer Liked


I didn’t realise I was an addict. I didn’t realise how harmful it could be. I didn’t realise that it was taking away the most valuable thing to me which is time.

That’s why I have left Facebook.

WTF? I know right.

I never thought it would happen. I had over two hundred photos, of my kids, other people’s kids, friends and family and their kids and random shit from my life, and then one day, based on medical advice, I closed that f*cker down.

Sweet Cheesus, it was relieving. I couldn’t believe what a time sucker it was, especially when I had it open while working on my laptop all day.

The first day without it, I wrote five thousand words. I had a new idea for a book and thought of some seriously wonderful characters names.

Coincidence? I don’t think so.

I lunched with an editor just after my defection and she said we don’t have enough room in our heads for all that is happening in the world, that we suffer from information overload. Too many passwords, too many likes, too many memes.

The world is suffering from Infobesity.

Yes, I know, I have a book page, where I can post about books and amusing pictures of Cardinals lighting each other cigarettes but that’s about it for me now, because I am contractually bound to my publishing houses do what I can, within my realm and ability, to promote my work, and I really like photos of Cardinals lighting each other’s cigarettes.

I want to share the oddities of life but not necessarily my own life in all it’s shitty glory.

While I have never self censored my blog, which hasn’t always worked in my favour, I did self censor my life on Facebook. Only the good shit, looking for likes in all the wrong places.

I have realised my self worth is not determine by the amount of likes I get from people who don’t know my phone number. If you want to know how I really am, call me, come over for a cup of tea, let’s lunch. Let’s talk.

On my blog I write for practise. It’s always my own opinion and if you don’t like what I write then don’t read it, simple huh? I don’t know who reads this and I like it that way. If I don’t know, then I can’t wonder if I upset anyone with my ideas and thoughts.

On Facebook, it’s near impossible to not offend someone if you post an opinion. Sex, religion, Popes, music, fashion and other such scandalous topics invite Facebook keyboard warriors to start their engines and get writing snarky comments or out and out insults.

One of my close friends has recently been musing about whether to also close down their Facebook account. They said to me, ‘I have five close friends and speak to them all the time,  never on Facebook. So why do I have it?’

Google+ is now positioning itself as a hub for business.

Myspace is for music.

Twitter is for thoughts and news.

So what is Facebook for?

I don’t know what it is for you, I just know that it’s no longer for me.


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