Educating Alice


Do you ever get a massive girl crush and wish the girl in question could be your new BFF so you can talk for hours, musing about life and all its weird timing?

I had this feeling tonight at the book launch of Alice Greenup‘s book, Educating Alice.

Here’s the blurb from the publisher.

What really happens when a city girl becomes a farmer′s wife? If you′re a fan of Rachael Treasure, you′ll love this memoir: a real-life outback love story that proves truth is even better than fiction …

A footloose city slicker who couldn′t tell a bull from a cow was hardly the ideal candidate to answer an ad for a governess on a Mackay cattle station. But Alice Greenup was game for anything, until she was bowled over by a handsome young jackeroo with a devastating smile. It was the start of a whole new way of life as Alice gave up her city life to embrace the bush and all that came with it: horses, cattle, the obsession with rain – and the correct way to wear a hat. 

After overcoming more than a few obstacles, the unlikely couple eventually married, moving to Rick′s family farm near Kingaroy. Determined to make their own future, they gambled their dreams on a vast property called ′Jumma′. It was a huge risk but with a lot of love, blood, sweat and tears, they were on their way.

But one morning they almost lost it all. When Alice′s horse bucked her out of the saddle in remote bushland, she was gravely injured. Rick was forced to leave her lying alone, drifting in and out of consciousness, to gallop home for help. What followed would test their love to the limit.

′A girlfriend should know her place, Alice. First comes the mates, then the ute, then his hat, dogs, horses and last of all the girlfriend. Get that right and you might just stick around. Try to jump the queue and you′re history.′ The mouth smiled at me, but his eyes meant business.

′Well then, I′ll just have to be his mate.′

′Girls can′t be mates, Alice.′

′We′ll see.′

I was invited by a new friend and I went to support her but mostly I was there to support a new Australian writer. I knew nothing about the book or author and then Alice spoke and I fell in love a little.

She was funny, super smart, wise, and humble in her reflection of her life so far.  The love for her family and her farm shone through as she spoke and I admired her so much for knowing what matters to her and none of it is the material guff; it’s about knowing who you are.

I bought her book and raced home to read it, because if it’s half as charming as she is, then it’s bound to be a best seller.

If this seems like your cup of tea, then please buy a copy. I’m almost certain it’s a ripper read.




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