Writing: Delayed for some reason

English in Asian Airports

Went to bed at 10.30pm. Got up at 11.30pm. Wrote till 2.30am. Woke up at 6.30am. Stabbed myself in the face with an imaginary letter opener at 8.30am. Started writing again. Now having a break and mooching about the web and trying not to panic about the word count.

Over the last two weeks I lost some time due to life stuff and as a result I am behind in my bookly deadline.

But I am paring down my life and focussing on what is important. Not only did I recently dump my personal Facebook but I have now rid myself of message bank (I hate listening to messages) and turned my phone off .

I doubt anything you need to say to me will be so urgent that you can’t send a text or an email.  I have to write about 4000 words per day between now and the next twelve days, so I have no time for anything but my laptop and the occasional progeny responsibility.

Right now what gets my attention is my writing, my kids and my better half, in alternating order.

Nope, not even my online diary that I call my blog will get much airtime for ten days or so. Please bear with me while I write this book.

I am, however, thrilled to be #3 on the Amazon UK Bestsellers on the Kindle charts.

That went in the the good jar, I tell ya that much.

See you soon friends.


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