TV- Girl Detective


Guilty as charged, your honour.

I admit that I love cosy crime.

Mr and Mrs Murder. Phryne Fisher. Elementary. You name it, I’m watching.

Why do I love this genre of cosy crime so much?

In the world of Mr and Mrs Murder, they play scrabble, drink tea, the husband and wife are incredibly polite to each other, just like characters in an Agatha Christie novel.

Reality is suspended as they dance about Melbourne solving hideous murders with some excellent stain removal tips along the way.

And what about the fearless Phryne Fisher?

The girl can’t help it; she solves crime, totes a gun, a fierce bob and  knows about contraception and how to smoke opium. Whats not to love? Beside’s the amazing costumes and blissful supporting cast the show has a lovely overarching narrative that makes me want tune in each week.

And Elementary. Combine a brownstone, Angelina’s ex husband playing Sherlock and Lucy Liu in some seriously good fashion, and you have a perfect formula for Sunday night television.

I used to tease my parents about watching A Touch of Frost and Midsomer Murders, and now I have joined the ranks. Is it my age? It is wanting to be gently pushed into safe TV anxiety without the horror of true fear?

As a child I loved Scooby Doo and Charlie’s Angels, always with satisfactory ending and  a quip from the comedic relief, like Shaggy or Bosely, reminding us that life goes on and what is trauma for one person, is entertainment for another.

Good times.


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