Life: Flow baby flow


Once upon a time I used to be a major magical thinker/hippie.

Fast forward five years later, and I feel that I have come to a place of peace and understanding, that helps me make sense of a seemingly nonsensical world.

There are a few tools I have taken with me from this world that work for me. (Some I have put up on eBay this week, for others to explore. A set of runes, anyone?)

The main realisation that I have from the last five years of life, is about being in the flow.

Here’s the question I ask you about your life.

Is it easy? Is it fun? Do you love it?

Let’s go through the list of what is currently in my life?

Parenting? Easy, fun and I adore being a parent, so I will keep the kids a little while longer

Marriage? Despite the fact that I am sure I shit him to tears on occasion (like this week, sorry babe, just we have a a lot to do!) I have a great partner to face life with and adventures with him are just too much fun

Writing? This work now is easy fun and I love it. Sometimes, it hits a snag but it helps me learn and get better, I hope

So, anything else that doesn’t fit this criteria has to go.

Relationships – Is it easy fun and do you feel great about yourself after being with that person? If not, then sorry, it’s got to go. Hard? Yep. Better in the long game? Yep.

Work? Do you love your job, despite minor snags then and there that help you grow and be better? No? Get a new job. Change your life.

One of my close friends has changed her life so dramatically since I first met her and last night she rang me with news of the culmination of all her hard work. She got her dream job, after retraining, and finally understanding her own self-worth. She is a freakin’ inspiration.

When you get into the flow again after being out of it for a while, it’s like stepping into a blissful warm pool, when the air around you is cold.

You remember what it feels like, how bone warming life can be. How nice and relaxing to be wrapped in warmth again.

I had a little moment yesterday when I wandered about our weird little supermarket nearby.  I felt like crying because I could see that life turns on a dime, good and bad. That I was right to take the chance, to make the decisions I have recently made. That it can be hard to get back into the flow but once you’re there, you know you don’t want to leave again.

When I look back at the times I didn’t trust my EQ, I have only had myself to blame for the disaster that followed.

I knew and I ignored the signs because I didn’t trust myself.

My EQ is high because it had to be. I needed it to survive as a child. The people I know who have really high EQ are those who grew up around stuff – Addiction, anger, violence and threats.

You know how to read the signs; see the message in the narrowing of the eyes, the front footed and backhanded comment. But you don’t always trust it.

Growing up is learning to trust that EQ, and not going back on your word to yourself and when you do, you will be in the flow.

Your level of difficulty is directly related to the level of resistance you put up.

So ask yourself today, is everything in your life easy, fun and do you love it?

Happy Flowday Lovers!


One thought on “Life: Flow baby flow”

  1. It’s easy to be inspriational, when you have friends that inspire you every day to be better…. as you have done for me.x

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