Home: Right Now


There are favourites times of my day, sometimes I recognise them and other times they slip by too fast, overtaken by noise and tasks.

This morning, my family got their shit together and by 8.30am, I had the washing machine on, one load in the dryer, one on the line, one folded on the table. The dishwasher on, the coffee pot boiling on the stove and the kitchen clean. One kid was at school, one en route, dogs fed and dinner defrosting on the sink.

As I walked back inside from the washing line, where the air was crisp and my breath puffed like one of Khaleesi’s dragons, the smell of freshly brewed Genovese coffee hit me, my laptop called and I felt peaceful.


This is my blissful time, when the house is quiet and anything seems possible.

It goes steadily downhill after this, particularly today, with a list of muggle crap that require my attention. *shakes fists at sky*

But this feeling returns later in the evening; when the dishwasher is on, the kitchen clean and I sit down to watch The Voice with a cup of tea and a mint slice.


I need these moments with the week I am facing. Edits due on one book, edit coming on another and getting a house ready to be photographed.

Enjoy the fleeting moments when you can peeps, god knows they don’t last.



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