Blogging For Escape


I read other authors blogs, who post about relevant, newsworthy topics and I wonder if I ought to be smarter, more erudite, more ‘something’.

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of things that concern me in this world; violence to women and children. Bullying at schools. The treatment of animals. Equal rights for everyone. in love, work and community.

But I don’t blog about them because I think I am neither qualified nor important enough to do so.

Say I write a piece on women’s rights and you read it, and then in your Facebook feed is an article on the same topic by the first ever muslim woman to win a Nobel peace prize,  Shirin Ebadi, do you read both?

Read Shirin’s piece over mine because, and trust me on this, Shirin has a much better way of calling for women’s, children’s and refugee rights than I do, and is imminently more accomplished than anyone I know.

This is why I don’t write about such topics, because while I do care, I do not have anything to add that hasn’t been already said by those who are at the coalface.

Do I think people who are in love with people of the same gender should be married? Sure I do, and if I can do anything to help, I will but my argument, compared to my friend, who has been with the same man for seven years and has one of the best relationships I know, and yet is still not allowed to be married, has much more weight than mine.

This is why I use my blog to riff about what I know. My books are an escape. I write to escape. I ask you to escape with me when you buy them. I have nothing to add that hasn’t already been said.

I like fashion, and celebrities, and gentle gossip, and luxury, love and poetry and gardens and dogs. I like friendship and music, interior design and jokes, I like writing, I like reading. I like magic and beating the odds. I like hearing people win things on the radio. I like watching people reunited at airports. I like when babies laugh and when my kids hang out with me because they want to.

These are the things I can talk about with confidence.

Everything else, I will leave to those in the know but I will sharing their articles because, we should know, we just need to be mindful about who we listen to in life.


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