Birth Day Business


I used to hate my birthday. I mean really hate it. There are all sorts of reasons based in childhood ephemera, and issues of self worth (yes, there is that phrase again), but this year, I am zen about it. It’s only taken me forty- one years to accept I am worth having on the planet.

For many years, my birthday was about others, and their issues.

This year I had sort of forgotten it was my birthday and was only reminded by the texts and emails coming in from friends, asking what my plans are.

Yesterday a lunch with a hilarious friend, who makes me laugh more than life it’s self.

Now, a weekend away with my family. A lunch next week with another girlfriend and a dinner with more ladies and gents.

I feel loved. I feel taken care of. I am zen.

This week has been a corker in terms of everything in my life. So many things coming together, it’s hard not be excited but I am grateful. The roller coaster of life is at work again. And as the sun returns to the spot that it was on the day I was born, I put my hands up to sky and say thank you to everything and everyone.

Have a gorgeous weekend lovelies.


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