A Mini Bairnsdale Book Festival

This weekend I went to Bairnsdale for a book event called When Fact Meets Fiction, arranged by the human dynamo, Kylie Miller.


I was on a panel with William McInnes, Chris Uhlmann, Belinda Hawkins, Nick Place and Anne Crawford.


Laugh? Yes, so much my face hurt. Learn? Yep, I did. Listen? Yes, yes, and yes.

Chris Uhlmann’s political anecdotes were insightful and hilarious. William McInnes is a male Sheherazade, Belinda Hawkins was passionate but fair and so interesting that I wanted to whisk her away and pepper her with questions about everything. Nick Place was part raconteur and part writing sage and Anne Crawford was a study of measurement and intelligent observations. Me? I dunno, just my usual schtick but it was fun to listen to the others.


What a night! 165 people attended. Wine was flowing. Conversation was limitless, it was great to meet readers, and Collingwood won.


We also stayed at a wonderful house, right on the water. It was so beautiful, although very, very cold in the morning.


It was the first time the four of us have been away as just us, in years and we had the best time. My dogs loved the new smells and chasing the birds.

Laziness, laughter, naps and games. I did a little writing. Dave took photos of piers n’ stuff, the kids went to bed early by choice, and the house had a coffee machine.

Nirvana, right?


A huge thank you to Kylie Miller, Di and Duncan Johnston at Collins Booksellers in Bairnsdale and to everyone who turned up and celebrated books.

Happy Monday!


7 thoughts on “A Mini Bairnsdale Book Festival”

  1. The “human dynamo” spent most of yesterday lying around recovering from all that mirth and frivolity! So glad you could all come and enjoy the paradise that is our little corner of the world xx

  2. Thank you Kate for visiting our little (big!!) corner of Australia. We felt very privileged to have such a fantastic array of talented authors in our town. Your address to the crowd was incredibly heartfelt, often hilarious and entirely interesting! We hope you can make it back here again (maybe in summer on the lakes, although there will be too many distractions from writing!).

  3. Kate, Kylie and all, such a great time was had by all at Collins Bairnsdale. I was glad to hear you were “coming down” too. It took me until Wednesday and still we are running on the lovely feedback from our customers who were there on Sat night. Joan S.

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