Shake the Dust


The poem below is now my mantra. Thank you to Paula Joye for the link. I have watched it three times already this afternoon.

It makes me think about everything that’s happened to me so far this year, and tomorrow, another new phase of my life begins.

This week has been crazy. Beyond busy with planning and celebrations and exciting news, all held together with routine, but I know there is no dust in my house, my relationships, my soul and my purpose.

Shake the dust.

‘Speak every time you stand, so you do not forget yourself.’

Anis Mojgani


3 thoughts on “Shake the Dust”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this, Kate! I just listened to it in my office on a dreary Friday morning, and the whole thing just resonated in a way that I needed. My BFF works in music, and she always says that music just moves her in a way that she can’t describe–this is the way that words are my music. Lots of love from NYC!

  2. Wow wow wow I will watch that time and time again and have no doubt it will always leave a glow long after I’ve watched it comparable only to how I feel long after kissing my nieces or my mother goodbye.

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