Finding Your Voice


Today I spoke at the Voices of 2013 Bloggers Masterclass in Melbourne. It was a pleasure to be asked, a pleasure to attend and a pleasure to eat their yummy breakfast treats. See below.


I started my writing life as a blogger and still blog most weeks. I am not as prolific as I was because I write novels as well now, which is like one long blog post, but without the pretty pictures.

Today’s topic was Finding Your Voice. I could have crapped on for hours about this, not just because I am self-indulgent but also because I KNOW stuff about this topic.

Not just in writing, but finding your voice in your life. How often do we not speak up at transgressions or unfairness in our own life? Are we champions of our own lives? Are we the hero of our own life?

If the answer above is yes, then well-played you. If the answer is no, then you need to say your piece to find your peace.

Saying what you need and believe takes courage and it will lose you followers and sometimes even friends but then this is having a voice of conviction and the tenacity to be loud.


This is the room we spoke in. Let’s just take a moment to appreciate these chairs. Cute non?

Anyway, back to the topic of the voice.

It took me years to be heard because I used to attribute all good ideas and conversation to other people. No, I did. I would say, ‘I heard this good thing on the radio the other day…’ or ‘I read this article…’

Except I didn’t read it or hear it, it came from my own noodle but I was so incredibly unconvinced by my own intellect or self-worth, I would accredit any brilliance to a mythical radio/internet source. WTF?

Yep. Cray cray lady.

After I started to write and actually made a career from it,  my self-worth went up and I stopped saying such rubbish and owned my space. I started to champion myself and others around me. I spoke my truth and this meant I lost some people in my life, but I also found some new ones who give me what I need and I hope I do the same for them.

Your voice comes from a space within you that is unique to you and a true voice cannot be replicated by anyone else. Your choice of language in your writing is a reflection of you; a literary mirror of sorts.

A final tip. When you write, give us something in your voice. What do you have that you can give me?  Information? Ideas? A funny story? Food for thought?

Show me the best way and be proud of what you have to say. I want to hear it. I want to hear from you. You matter.

And I will leave you with this inspirational song. Sing it with me now peeps!


11 thoughts on “Finding Your Voice”

  1. Kate, you were terrific today! After attending the forum, I plan to dive into the un-anonymous bloggasphere this weekend and ‘come out’. And that decision is thanks to you and the other speakers today. I want to be part of a community and I want to share my voice.

    Thanks again!

  2. A voice of conviction and the tenacity to be loud – I’m writing this stuff down! Thanks for such a great panel Kate, you were definitely a highlight.

  3. New to your blog (and you) – hell knows how we haven’t met before because I swear we think very similar, and I thought you were great and mentioned you back on my blog yesterday too. Glad to find you and your voice!

  4. You were amazing on Saturday – I could have listened to you for hours. I want to hear more of your stories, your swearing and I totally want to sing Johnny (with the n and y) with you! Thanks so much for all your wisdom.

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