Who am I and where will I live?

Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 10.07.13 AM

So I sold the house and now I have nowhere else to live.


Of course, looking for a house when Mercury is Retrograde in Cancer (the sign of home) is nigh on impossible, so why am I surprised in the distinct lack of options?

I am trying to be zen after my friend told me I’m a generator according to my Human Design profile.

Get your profile here. 

Come on, you know you want to check what you are, even if you don’t believe in woo woo, you still wanna know about yourself don’t you? Why? Because the narcissist in us needs to know.

Once you know what you are, you can check out your profile here.

Still it doesn’t help me find a house to live in. I need to generate a freakin’ miracle and in three weeks.





4 thoughts on “Who am I and where will I live?”

  1. I’m a Generator too, Kate! Not too bad a write up for us – we most probably built the pyramids (while others got the glory) and now we have something in common with Albert Einstein, Elvis Presley and Vladimir Lenin! Who would have thought?!

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