Back to work day.


After nearly a month off, I am back to work today.

Of course I did some serious house packing and moving in that time and I did some edits on a finished book but this was a long time off for me.

Yesterday, the yearning to start writing again hit me. My new house is set up and I am unable to venture out in this hideous weather. Instead I must delve into my gray matter and see what is lurking, ready to be unveiled.

This is my new writing room.

It has an open fire. It has the old chairs in it that belonged to my grandmother. I have Charlotte next to me on the sofa. Coffee is made. The laptop is charged. I am ready for inspiration and failing that, then I will just get to work.

I saw this quote from author Warren Ellis on my Facebook feed today.

“Writer’s block? I’ve heard of this. This is when a writer cannot write, yes? Then that person isn’t a writer anymore. I’m sorry, but the job is getting up in the fucking morning and writing for a living.”

God,  this is so true.

I have come to realise, that what some people think of as writers block is actually being stuck in the story and the issue isn’t being blocked, it’s because there is a problem in the narrative.

Go back and look at the work again and whatever is bugging you in the story,  is usually where the blockage lies.

Someone said to be a while ago, ‘I was lucky to be able to write full time.’

When I told one of my editors this, she scoffed, saying, ‘It’s not luck, it s a choice.’

I have thought about this since she said it a  few weeks ago to me, and I realised she is right.

This is my job. I write for a loving and I work hard in writing and selling my stories, to the publishers and to my readers. Sometimes it’s easy, sometime’s it’s a slog. I am only lucky because it’s a great job for me.


P. S This is Charlotte, my writing companion.


4 thoughts on “Back to work day.”

  1. What a gorgeous writing room! And you are right. It is a choice. And if you love it, you’ve made the right choice…I think I have writing room envy.

  2. It’s a choice and a gift to be able to make that choice, but that doesn’t make it all wine and roses, which many just don’t get. As a non-fiction writer and editor of some 20 years, and about to complete my first draft of a first novel, I now understand just how damned hard it can be. It is important to be somewhere comfortable, but I do find once I’m immersed, I am nowhere but the world of my story… as long as I’m comfortable 🙂

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