Book: Night Film


I have to admit the worst of habits.

I like to know spoilers for film, TV shows and books before I start them.

Night Film was the first book since The Lovely Bones or The Time Travellers Wife that I didn’t want to know the ending. In fact, I avoided the internet while I read it, not wanting to trip over a gushing review inadvertently revealing a clue/spoiler.

Marisha Pessel’s writing is evocative of film greats. Tarantino, Polanksi, David Lynch and as though edited by the brilliant Donna Tartt.

How can that be a bad thing?

If you like your books fast, fun, laden with pop culture references, and with a liberal dose of spooky and mind f*cking, then read Night Film (JB, I’m talking to you). I finished it last night, in front of my open fire, lying on the floor, trying to dispel the chill in my body and psyche. Night Film took me 24 hours to read, but it will take me a week to digest and lose the shadows that come with the text.

Now that’s a good book.

Happy Friday.



3 thoughts on “Book: Night Film”

  1. Hi Kate. Nice to hear from you, I have been missing your blogs! I know you are a busy woman. Hope the new house is going well and you have all settled in beautifully. Cheers X

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