Trust your gut or beware


This is my year for paring back my life. Sometimes life comes at you with a scythe and slashes it apart, cruelly and viciously.

Thankfully, I got to do the task before life came and cut me off at my knees.

Often the signs around you are that life is trying to push you in a new directions are ignored because we fear change or that the change will be uncomfortable.  Of course it’s uncomfortable and often sad, but goodbye’s are often like that.

I have been thinking about gut instinct and how I forgot to listen for a while, or maybe I couldn’t listen, due to the overwhelming screams of panic in my head.

Now I look back and I remember feelings I should have trusted. It’s all about the feelings isn’t it?

Your body knows; it’s called instinct.

We intuitively pick up information more than we realise through the amounts of data that is thrown at us everyday. News, social networks, incidental conversations and radio and somehow our bodies form this into an emotional reaction that is to be trusted.

From relationships to money, your inner emotional oracle is more often right than not.

I read this week that shopping can make people feel worse than before they went and spent money. The idea of shopping to ease emotional pain is stupid, unless you’re Oprah rich, but even then, she didn’t have a great time in Tom Ford recently.

Have you ever bought something but before it, thought, no, I shouldn’t, then done it anyway and regretted it later?

Ever looked at a person and said, no, I don’t trust/like them and been later proved right?

My biggest regrets in life have been when I didn’t trust my instinct. I have high EQ and this has saved my arse many times but whenever I have ignored it, then I have suffered in every way.

Learning to let go of what is beyond my control is one thing I have learned, the other one, (admittedly hard learned), is learning to trust what your instincts are telling you.

You will never regret it, even if it means people will hate you, loathe you for going against the grain, for upsetting their lives and splintering their perceived groups or organisations. You can live with this, trust me, you can. It gets easier. Being hated by others is a better option than hating yourself.

What you cannot live with, is pretending that your feelings don’t matter. That you can ignore the gut wrenching anxiety and the physical and emotional symptoms that your feelings are telling you.

If you ignore them long enough then they turn into wellness issues and, ain’t nobody got time for that.

If you don’t believe and trust in them , then how the hell will anyone else?

Happy Monday Soothsayers!


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