Editing your life


When we decided to sell out house, I looked at all my ‘stuff’ and decided to only keep what I love or need.

This decision made me nearly two thousand dollars on eBay. I sold anything I didn’t love, need or that reflected who I am now. People will buy the oddest things but still, I sold nearly everything I put up for sale.

Yesterday, when I explained to a girlfriend about a life decision I made this year, and I said it came from having changed at a visceral level, and I have to live my life accordingly.

It’s okay to change, and it’s possible to change. Your job, your relationships, your physical and emotional self are all malleable.

You’re not too old to change who you are and how you live your life. To be nicer, smarter, tougher, more creative, healthier, kinder.

The changes in me first came from an internal place and then moved to my external world. As I changed, I needed the world around me to change to reflect my new soul.

My changes internally were around in self-worth, boundaries and letting go of what made me stressed.

My external changes were to get rid of what was weighing me down; a mortgage and a house load of things I don’t want/need/like.

I wanted less in my life so I would have more time for what I loved.

Less clutter means I can appreciate what I do have.

Fewer tasks means I have time to do what I love; write.

When I run my eye over my life, I see little distractions and when I do, I iron them out.

Of course my life has its busy days, but not everyday, thankfully.  I couldn’t live like that anymore. In the past, I mistook being busy as having a purpose. It wasn’t a  purpose, it was just tasks that cluttered up my day.

I said yes far too often so I would have something to occupy my mind and body.

Now I just get through my list and look forward to the slower days where I can be present and move through the day at my own pace.

Right now I am editing a book, and I am doing it slowly, because I want it to be right. I am editing my own words and planting pansy’s and walking everyday, seeing friends when I can, and cooking more.

I like this edition of my life.

It feels like poetry in motion.


3 thoughts on “Editing your life”

  1. Oh, Kate. I can only daydream about doing what you have done! It’s inspiring and makes me think that I should keep trying to find ways to live my dream too and not to focus on the barriers. Well done you!

  2. Hi Kate. I just quickly wanted to tell you that your words really hit home. I was contemplating going for a new position in my team at work, mainly because I knew I could do the job and it paid more. But then I realised that I actually didn’t want to do it! Seems so simple now. So I am living my truth in a small way and waiting for something to pop up that matches my passion. Thanks again!

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