Book: Close Up


I finished the edit for the next adult fiction book. It’s called Close Up.

I’m really happy with it and I love the cover. Do you?

Now I have to write something else, because when I don’t write I think, and thinking about anything besides books isn’t good for me.

I don’t know what I will write next which is fun. The story will just pop into my head while I am doing something else, and I will have to drop everything to get it down.

So while the creative elves are resting after their recent editing expedition, I am enjoying my life. Cleaning the house, pottering in my low care garden. Yesterday I swept the grass on my fake lawn. Too easy! As a friend stated, next I’ll be out with the vacuum. It might happen, stick around.

Now I’m off to buy food for the first BBQ of the season. Friends are coming over,  the pool is heated, pavlova is made and life is swell.

Happy Saturday friends.



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