Friday Funtimes


The teen and I went Op-Shopping. Op-Shopping is best when you know you want certain things but aren’t prepared to pay full price for them. For her, it’s clothing that will be worn maybe twice and then piffed out, for me it’s books and kitchen ware. Some of my best Pyrex and casserole dishes has come from Op-Shops.

With a mental list, you canvass, assess and move on very quickly, instead of walking around the shop with a spaghetti holder, missing a lid, because you saw it’s potential to become a vase, via an idea you saw on Pinterest.

I know I shouldn’t buy books from Op-shops, because the author doesn’t get any royalties, but I feel like this is offset by giving to the charity that shop is supporting. I guess it’s all cyclical.

I am happy to buy clothes, if they have anything decent. Of course the teen found two great items and scored big points with both.

I found a book I had wanted for months, and that isn’t available on Kindle, and a book of Judith Wright poetry.

Do you know her poem Woman to Man? And then Woman to Child?

They are such beautiful poems. My sister introduced me to it when I was younger. This started my love of poetry (Thanks Emma).

Have a beautiful weekend friends.


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