The call of the bizarre bazaar

2013-09-24 15.30.29

When I was 16, I spent hours trawling the Greville Street Bazaar. My first purchase was a black crushed velvet bolero jacket from the 1920’s that I used to wear to the nightclub Chasers, on a Friday night.

The second was a green silk tea dress from the 1940’s, that once caused me to be mistaken for a tram conductor, and I was asked for a Zone One ticket.

Greville Street in Prahran, back in the 1980’s was the cats pajama’s. I sold my calculator for $30 to a Maths nerd at school, so I could buy a pair of vintage Levi 501’s from Route 66. I’d drink coffee and eat french fries at the Continental Cafe and eat soup at Feedwell Cafe.

All my best teenage memories are on that street and on Chapel St.

Yesterday, I was in Chapel and happened to walk past the Chapel Street bazaar, formerly of Greville.

I haven’t been in for years and with nothing to do but entertain myself, I went for a trip down memory lane.

Here are a few of my favorite moments.

1. Did anyone want a surprised cat pendant?

2013-09-24 15.18.46

2. A nippleless lassie for your wall? Nice urns. All three of them.

2013-09-24 15.19.42

3. This lady works at the store. She’s the Phyllis Diller of retail. No, she’s not for sale.

2013-09-24 15.21.57

4. Prom dress anyone?  The prettiest bride I ever saw wore an vintage prom dress.

2013-09-24 15.29.03

5. One I went to a bingo hall with a friend, for shits and giggles. Except the players take it seriously and many had a collection of troll dolls on their tables for good luck. These troll dolls obviously didn’t cut it and been banished to live under a bridge, or in this case, a glass cabinet.

2013-09-24 15.27.46

The shoes in this picture make me think of the  six word short story, attributed to Hemingway.

For sale: baby shoes, never worn.

Happy Thursday shoppers!

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