What’s going on?

2013-10-11 14.52.49

Hey there,

Sweet Peas’s from my Mum’s garden. They look gorgeous in the vase from my friend Fiona. So sweet.

Sorry for being missing in action lately. I have been up to my ears in edits for my new adult novel, Close Up, out in 2014, so no time to blog.

When I’m editing, I tend to let everything else slide, including the housework. So after I submitted the MS, I had to clean the house from top to bottom. It was cathartic and exhausting.

Throw in two major events for my children last week and a husband away and there you have my life of late.

But a few highlights included seeing the film The Intouchables. A feel good, touching story about a quadriplegic and his carer. Funny script and beautifully acted. Really worth it. It wasn’t as tear jerky as I was told, instead, I thought it was joyous. Good soundtrack also.

Also I am obsessed with the shoes below by Burberry. I saw a woman wearing them at the supermarket, as you do. When I found them online, I saw they were $700 AUS. That’s a lot of money to do the shopping in isn’t it?


I have been reading books, all sorts from YA, to NA to smarty pants lit and poetry. I’m not exclusive in my reading taste. It there’s words on the page or on screen, then I’ll give it a go.

I’ve been reading Mary Oliver‘s, A Thousands Mornings. Gosh I love her work. *sigh

The Journey

One day you finally knew

what you had to do, and began,

though the voices around you

kept shouting

their bad advice–

though the whole house

began to tremble

and you felt the old tug

at your ankles.

“Mend my life!”

each voice cried.

But you didn’t stop.

You knew what you had to do,

though the wind pried

with its stiff fingers

at the very foundations,

though their melancholy

was terrible.

It was already late

enough, and a wild night,

and the road full of fallen

branches and stones.

But little by little,

as you left their voices behind,

the stars began to burn

through the sheets of clouds,

and there was a new voice

which you slowly

recognized as your own,

that kept you company

as you strode deeper and deeper

into the world,

determined to do

the only thing you could do–

determined to save

the only life you could save.


Good huh?


Happy Monday, human beans. 😉



One thought on “What’s going on?”

  1. That lovely poem hooked me in after the first five lines. Thank you for introducing me to Mary Oliver!

    I also forgot to tell you that a few posts ago,
    I nominated you for the I Am Part of the WordPress Family Award at http://wp.me/p2teT1-gM

    I’m sure this is not your first nomination!


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