Weekend in pictures

This weekend was spent doing ‘stuff’; some fun, and some writing work, which is still fun and some thinking. photo 1 On Friday night, I went to watch the 12 year old play cricket. He will play every Friday night now, and I tell you what, it was a change from my bitch about AFL. Firstly the mums and dads were happy to be there, and why not, when it’s 25°, the sun lower, as you sit on the grass and a mum hands you a plastic glass of champagne. Cue pate, hot chips, fruit platters and laughter. I have a feeling Friday nights are going to be my new favorite night of the week. photo 3   Cue walk with dogs on Saturday morning to Omar and the marvellous coffee bird. It’s a name of a cafe tha’s designed so it looks like a level of Angry Birds. I don’t think they realise this, but that’s what I think when ever visit. They make really good coffee. I don’t usually buy coffee, as I make a great one at home, but it was Saturday morning, I had George Benson and Bill Wither’s on the playlist, and I like a walk with a purpose. Good times. photo 4 Evening time, and the backyard was so peaceful, as I cooked a perfect roast chicken for Dave and I, with the doors flung open and George B back on the stereo, it was so lovely. Both kids were at parties for the night, so we are moving into that new stage where we have to talk to each other again. We ate chicken and watched a bad but good movie. photo 2   On Sunday, the teen and I made this raspberry, lemon and frangipane tart. It was an all day affair and thank f*ck she was there, cos I ain’t no baker. My sister is the baker. I second guess the recipe too much.  I had to make the the lemon pastry from scratch, then chill. Then Tansy made the lemon crème pâtissière and I made the frangipane. That had to chill, then there was piping and then baking, then whipping and glazing and other such malarky but then it was done. We ate it for dinner.  Don’t judge me, you would have also if you were here. Other things minus photos:

P.S We converted the tart recipe to be FODMAP friendly and it all worked fine. Gluten and lactose free biz and it was swell. Yay us! Here is the recipe if you want to spend a day in the kitchen being bakerly.   Happy Monday peeps. May your pastry always be crumbly, your custard not curdle, and your kirsch glaze stick to the back of your spoon.

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