Old dog, new writing tricks


I’m writing a new book, which isn’t exactly news, I suppose, since this is my job now. What is news, is the way I’m writing it and with what tool.

No, I’m not using a quill and parchment. I’m using Scrivener. I’m so modern, non?

Microsoft Word is the most unstable program in the world for writing. It will have a tantrum and you will lose work, even though Autosave is set; it just isn’t reliable. So Scrivener it is, although I don’t really know how to use it and this means I’ll have to watch instructional videos, which I hate to do, because I like to get on with things, but then this is all part of the learning isn’t it?

Also, I’m not going to write the book until I have done my month of research.

This is so vital. Yes it’s a month you lose now but you will pick it up once you start the book, because you know your stuff.

Fill in character templates, know them, know the situation, know the conflict and then when you sit down to write, they will tell their own stories; you’re just the narrator.

This is a great video on how some A list screenwriters prepare for work, and then get their writing groove on. I learned a lot from these gurus. I don’t think the advice is just for screenwriters, I think it’s for any writer.

  1. Have reliable tools.
  2. Know your subject matter and characters.
  3. Make time for ideas to sprout and turn into something

Happy weekend friends.



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