Staying in, is the new going out


Seasonal madness is upon us, and the Christmas parties and catchups are starting to flow into the inbox.

I often wonder why everyone wants to get together at Christmas when we’re all so busy, but then I wonder if Christmas isn’t just a legitimate excuse to finally make good on those thrown around promises to get together.

I love to see people, but I am a homebody. I don’t want to go to restaurants, because my husband has a specific diet that rules out onion and garlic. I am also mindful of money; writerly life calls for shopping in your own wardrobe, and eating at your own table.

In all honesty though, I love being at home, having friends over or hanging out with my family around our beautiful table.

Pottering at home makes me happy. Cooking, watering plants, planning new books.

This is where I live now. This is where I’m at my best.

If you need me, knock loud, I’m home.


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