Social Media New Year Resolutions


I looked at my Twitter feed and saw I followed over 850 people, many of whom I don’t remember following. Perhaps it was spambots, perhaps it was a brain infarction. Either way, I have to clean house.

This got me thinking about how overwhelming social media can be, and how you need to clean up occasionally to stay on top of it all.

Here are a few tips that I am following, to clean up my social media accounts:


  • Go through who you follow and clean up. You will find some weird accounts you don’t remember following, as well as accounts that aren’t relevant to your stage in life anymore. Yes, you were married last year, but do you need to still follow bridal advice accounts? Sweep out the dust.
  • Update your bio. Got news? Share it on your biography.
  • Update your photo to a better one.

This is my Twitter feed if you feel like following me.

Facebook Page:

  • Tidy up your photos
  • Update your photos
  • Make a new cover photo
  • Add some buttons to your other social media presence. There are apps for most of them.
  • Unlike anything that isn’t relevant to you anymore.

This is my Facebook page is your feel like staying in touch.


  • Clean up your photos
  • Unlike anyone who posts too many times during a day. My daughter calls these people ‘Insta-slammers’, and according to her they get an instant unfollow. No more than two pics a day, according to the teens, but even then that’s too much. The rule is, “I don’t want to see more than one photo in a 24 hour feed Mum!” (I know I have broken that rule before.)
  • Check your photo and bio and update accordingly.

Here is my Instagram in all its glory, if you want to see pictures of my dogs.


  • Feeling uninspired? Change your theme for the New Year. Chances are, if you’re bored with looking the same thing, so are your readers.
  • Write a list of blog topics to tackle over the year
  • Go through your blogroll and updates and clean up.
  • Make sure your site stats are working properly, or look at a new stat program. My stat meter is very unstable, so I am looking for a new one.


  • Clean up your boards
  • Delete any boards that aren’t relevant or are lacking in pins
  • Merge some boards
  • Rename some boards
  • Delete any duplicate images
  • Link your Facebook page and Twitter page to your Pinterest profile

Here are my Pinterest boards. One for each book and many more!


  • Clean out your inbox and file accordingly
  • Use an app to unroll yourself from junk mail, this is a good one.
  • Go through any email newsletters you get and unsubscribe from the ones that you NEVER read.

General maintenance:

  • Clean up your computer. I am on a Mac and use an app called Clean My Mac.
  • File everything, especially if you are on a Mac, take things off your desktop. Your computer will work faster and your files will be safer.
  • Check your settings and make sure everything is hunky dory.
  • Update all your software.
  • Backup your computer!!!
  • Do this with your phone also. It’s amazing the crap we collect on our phone. It’s like a virtual handbag, with pen lids, old lipsticks and receipts floating about. It will work faster and feel lighter when you do.

Phew. That’s a lot of work but worth it. Social media can go stale, and it’s your job to keep it fresh.

We change all the time, and circumstances change so refresh and recreate. 2014 is coming, so be ready!


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