Writing Space Planning

2014-01-22 16.02.34

I finally got myself together, after a hideously busy last week, and managed to put my writing space together.

I avoided having a space for a long time, because I used to have a writing room at my old house, but it felt like I was being punished by being ‘put away’. It also it had a weird outlook, out to an ugly fence.

I like being a part of the house when I write, that way I can rule from my throne from the back of the palace.

I can yell very successfully from my position, an omnipotent pair of eyes, asking about what people are doing and why. Why are you in the kitchen when you just ate? Put the washing out to dry. Stop scraping your bum along the hallway. (That one’s is MOSTLY directed to Charlotte.)

This is my view up the hallway. Charlotte is looking ashamed of her recent boot-scoot up the passage way. 😉

2014-01-23 10.00.22

This room doesn’t feel like I’m tucked away. It’s got seat, and TV and a fireplace, and my round desk, which promotes creativity, according to Feng Shui. I was going to tidy this room up before I took the snap, but I like it with remnants of my daughter, in-situ, from her OC marathon last night. Manicure biz all over the joint. Living with her is like living at a nail bar, 24.7.

2014-01-23 10.03.45

Now down to business. I’ve got great plans. It’s the desk, you see. It’s already working for me.

Happy Thursday!


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