It’s Twins!


What a day!

I sent my son off to start high school and my new book, Close Up was released.

Thus the close up of both of them!

Both are dear to me, one was less work than the other, but I’m not telling you which.

I look back at my first day at high school. I remember fragments of it, like I have PTSD-HS. The incredible uncomfortable shoes, trying to learn the canteen routine, wresting with the padlock on my locker, scoping the quadrangle for friendship candidates.

It sounds like my son had much the same day. The beat goes on, huh?

So yes, Close Up is out now. You can get it everywhere, I hope. Are you a Kindle user? Did you know Amazon has it’s own store in Australia now? Or you can iBook  or Kobo a copy. Please do, if you like gorgeous escapist stories.

My friend sent me a picture of her copy covered in mascara sodden tears. It is the was nicest review I have ever received.


Happy days to you and yours and may you always be ready for your Close Up!


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