Year of the Horse Hair


Happy Year of the Horse!

This morning, after three hours sleep, I woke to a cacophony of crap. The hot water system had turned off, thus cold shower, a Huntsman spider ran over my foot for the second morning in a row, and I realised I had bought marmalade instead of jam, after I had spread it on the toast. I hate marmalade. Weird, rind filled, Agatha Christie breakfast food.

Bad juju from washing my hair on Chinese New Year’s Day. For reals. Apparently I washed the good juju down the drain.

I better lay low today. I have work to do. Books to write, and a house to sort out, and all plans for world domination will have to wait till tomorrow.

I have to go and appease the hair God now and ask for my juju to be turned around.

Happy Saturday.


3 thoughts on “Year of the Horse Hair”

  1. I agree with Angie, I don’t think I would have survived a huntsman running over my foot once let alone twice. Guess you don’t have arachnaphobia – so brave

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