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7 thoughts on “Sunday Life Magazine. The Age. By Me.”

  1. Great article and frank too, I read it and said “yep, that’s how it goes”. For me it is that time of the “decade” – or least 5 yearsish, I have crashed again, but this time it was a lot easier to reach for the phone, make the right appointment, get the right script and put plan b into action… the lead up sucks, but that is the way it goes. At least it is miles above the bottom that I know I don’t have to hit these days. For me, this is part of me and it can, like your article says, be managed but not erased.

  2. Fantastic piece Kate. I admire your honesty regarding a topic that still, in 2014, is not something that in general people like to discuss too openly, although this is slowly changing. In my experience it is the intangible aspect of the bloody thing. I can cope with physical stuff but the mind stuff is a bugger (and as we know can feel very physical at times). I admire you and thank you for putting your story out there. Let’s hope your troublesome neighbour moves interstate. XX

  3. It’s a beautifully written piece. So brave. For people who don’t have depression it is so difficult to relate. Your writing is so engaging that it helps people understand it better. many many people who suffer depression and can’t just “snap out of” will be very grateful that you have made it more accessible. You should be very proud of laying yourself bare in the process. Naked is the new black x

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