What keeps me awake at night

The other night I lay in bed thinking of an issue of Vogue from 1994.

Yes, it’s sad that I know what year, but remember, I used to collect magazines for fun, saving collector issues like other more people saved stamps.

I don’t own those magazines anymore, and sometimes I wish I did, like at 2am when I’m thinking of this issue of Vogue.


Yep. The Kidman, Luhrmann, CM issue.

I remember poring over issue with my old skool friends, when we all lived in Balaclava, and Carlisle Street in Melbourne, didn’t have a cafe in every second shop.


Nicole being noir. That’s Tom in the background.


I do remember Nicole crowing about how she ‘designed’ this dress in the interview. Bless. A bit like when Katie Holmes started her own fashion label. You modify one Butterick’s pattern and suddenly everyone’s a fashion designer.


15.nicole 17.nicoletom

Tom and Nicole doing some ‘acting’.


Nicole doin’ some dancin’.


Having a Shirley MacLaine/Ann Margaret moment.


Is it just me, or does Nicole look like Willy Wonka in the photo below?



Nicole Kidman With Long Hair

This photo is actually so beautiful, it hurts. All bohemian and tragic. A little John William Waterhouse with a touch of Ophelia, non?

So yeah, this is what keeps me up at night. Going over the issues past, magazines that is, not personal.

Do you remember this issue? I know my old skool friends, Rachael and Jonah do.

Happy Saturday.


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