Life in my house.


I was going to do one of those posts with lots of photos of my world and house and so on, but when I looked at the photos I had taken,  it was as though I had shot them with a potato.

Then I thought, words are my tool, so put down the potato and picked up the pen, or laptop in my case.

Life in my house:

  • Illness is everywhere, with lot’s of things going on in my house, and bugs being brought home. I only was sick for one day, because I don’t have time for illness.
  • I am trying to write, but being distracted by responsibilities and a lack of direction.
  • Two kids in important years in their school. Both are having ups and downs, both are coping beautifully.
  • Watching About Time, an incredibly sentimental film that made me cry buckets. It’s worth watching, just for the end message alone.
  • Making lasagna, which is best made in the morning and reheated for dinner. It seems to be extra yum after it’s had some time to rest.
  • Listening to Late Night Live podcasts. God I love Phillip Adams. He is my intellectual crush.
  • Caring for my lemon tree in a pot, which flowered but no lemons yet, which is either due to overwatering or youth.
  • Reading New Adult books, which seem to have the same formula, but they do get the dopamine firing.
  • Considering installing a password management software after I got a nasty spam virus on Twitter which infiltrated my other social media apps. Have to deactivate, and reinstall, then start again. Still unsure on the best software for this. Advice would be gratefully received.
  • Watching Rake, House of Cards and Girls.
  • Wondering about the amount of celebrities going to rehab, is it more than usual?
  • Questioning things about government and decisions that I think are going to bite us back in time.
  • Reading Neruda.
  • Loving my friends and family,  and the support I have in my world.
  • Trying to be present in every minute, as though I chose to be there on purpose.

And this is my life right now, looking through a glass onion or in my case, a potato.


11 thoughts on “Life in my house.”

  1. I loved About Time too! My hubby and I watched it last week (oh & yes there were tears)…what a beautiful message. Thanks Kate, I really enjoyed reading this blog. xo

  2. Sorry to ignore your amazing tool of choice, you know I love love love your words, BUT that bath, that wall….me could happily waste eons in dat

    1. Sweet by Erin McCarthy is a ripper, actually anything by her is good. Abbi Glines books are okay but they seem to always have a very inexperienced heroine. I liked Sweet because it dealt with a girl who knew what the hell she was doing 😉

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