Good Stuff in Life.


Here’s my take on sleep. The less sleep someone has, the bigger the prick they become.

Years ago I remember hearing a sleep therapist being interviewed on the ‘wireless’ and they said it was a known fact that all great despots and dictators had sleep disorders.

The more sleep you have, the more chance you have of not being a cock-knock.

When I don’t sleep I become unbearable, particularly to myself. Sleep is on my list of good shit in life.

Other things that make the list are the following.

  1. Laughing at people falling over, especially people I know. This makes it funnier. Don’t hate me.
  2. A cup of tea after dinner, as I plonk on the sofa with a mint slice. The dishwasher is purring, and the kids are put away in their respective cupboards under the stairs, and all is peaceful.
  3. A storm. The more lightning, thunder and chance of doom there is, the better.
  4. Getting a compliment that is thoughtful and relevant to your life. Not some, ‘You look nice,’ but ‘You make me want to be a better man’ type.
  5. Giving a compliment that’s thoughtful and relevant to the person, and seeing them see themselves through your eyes for a moment and fill with pride and self-love.
  6. A clean house. I know. I am so fucking boring, but really. It thrills me.
  7. Clean sheets. I think we all agree on this one?
  8. Hearing my kids talking together about life and laughing hysterically at something which doesn’t include their parents. That’s happiness right there. Someone should bottle it.
  9. A coffee with friends, with no distractions, just time, love and conversation.
  10. Having a lightbulb moment. Like a big, huge, muthafucking awakening and spinning out at your brain getting it.
  11. Waking up naturally after ten hours of sleep and feeling alive at a visceral level and wanting to be on the earth because you have shit to do, and storms to watch, and coffee to drink with friends, and books to write, and love to make, and joy to witness, and clean sheets to sleep in, and compliments to give, and mint slices to eat.

Happy Thursday Sleepyheads.


4 thoughts on “Good Stuff in Life.”

  1. God, I love you! Your list is my list – especially number 1. One more thing I would add though is the importance of a good pillow. Oh, how do I love my pillow. Thanks for making me smile today xo

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