Tenderness is:


  • A friend bringing over food for our fridge.
  • A sister comforting her brother after sadness is too much for him.
  • Cradling a red-faced, angry baby and ignoring the wails.
  • Moving the hair out of your loved one’s eyes.
  • Watering the magnolia that’s been beaten by the wind and heat.
  • A small dog watching out for the big dog.
  • Running a bath for someone.
  • Making someone food.
  • Sitting with a loved one in silence while they cry it out.
  • Helping the lady in the supermarket who can’t reach the breadcrumbs.
  • Handwritten letters, hand delivered to your mailbox.
  • Getting unexpected help from unexpected people.
  • People calling to say I love you and feeling it at a soul level.
  • Leaving a light on for your loved one.
  • A meal kept warm in the oven.
  • Patting the dogs while watching TV.
  • Tidying up someone’s space.
  • A child holding your hand.
  • An adult holding your hand.
  • Listening.
  • Waiting.
  • Forgiving.

2 thoughts on “Tenderness is:”

  1. Thanks for the reminder, Kate. It’s so easy to forget when you’re busy or too wrapped up in your own stuff to think of others. Have a wonderful weekend xo

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