Rolling in the deep.


On Tuesday night I went to see Elizabeth Gilbert speak, who was a smart, witty and insightful as you would expect her to be.

One of the many things I loved about her was her expression, ‘champagne problem,’ which is even better than a first world problem. This was in regards to people not liking Eat Pray Love, and being highly vocal about it across all mediums, so much so that I think people who did love it (like I) were quiet in our gratitude for the book.

People are such dicks sometimes. She spoke of how a woman recently wrote a review on Amazon, putting forward her conspiracy theory that EG didn’t write The Signature of All Things, because she wrote Eat Pray Love and the books were too different. She went on to say that the publisher used an unknown novelists work, and attributed it to EG, so they would get more sales.

It’s funny…and it’s not.

My night out, with my mother, was fun. She lives in the country and I don’t see her as much as I should, but we went out for dinner and listened to Liz and talked about deep thoughts in Federation Square while a crazy Japanese game show played on the big screen behind us.

Then came yesterday. Quite possible the crappiest day I have had in forever. Six things happened, some from mildly annoying to deeply devastating. Six things in a row. Six. It started at 9.30am and went through till bedtime.

Six things that halted me. Gutted me. Infuriated me. Frustrated me. Saddened me. Worried me. Disappointed me.

And guess what?

I survived.

I dealt with them all like a fucking boss.


I rolled with the punches and looked at what I could do, and what I could hand over.

And I survived.

Today I start again. It’s all we can do isn’t it?

A new day. A new moment. A new start.


Happy Wednesday friends. xx


2 thoughts on “Rolling in the deep.”

  1. I think you had your allocation of shitty things for the month happen all in one day. The rest of the month will be puppies, rainbows and laughing. X

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