Keeping my chin up


I tried to write five different blog posts over the weekend, but none of them resonated, so eventually I just gave up. and started to write a new book instead.

Maybe that was what was welling in me? Also, I think  my life is boring, and also complicated at the moment, and there isn’t anything actually funny or sad going on. It’s just life.

This quote has been getting me through life, of late.


It’s all just ‘life’ isn’t it?

Life doesn’t always make sense, just like these finger forks.


Who thought they were a good idea? Edward Scissor Hands?


I want to tell you amazing things. I want to tell you all the good stuff, but I can’t. There isn’t a lot right now, but it’s there somewhere in the back ground, lurking, waiting for a good time to emerge.

I want to tell you the bad stuff, but I can’t. There’s a  lot right now, it’s in the forefront, demanding to be taken care of, while I wait for a time to blow it’s fucking head off.

And so it goes.

Happy Tuesday teamsters.


3 thoughts on “Keeping my chin up”

  1. Kate,
    I admire your guts and honesty. It’s easier to fake it, we wouldn’t know. Thanks for being a fine example of dealing with life as it is. I hope your writing (and reading?) are buoying you along in this current sea and I that the tide turns for you soon.

  2. When the tide is on the downhill trajectory I like to put my feet on the ground and close my eyes for a minute and just centre myself really calmly. I like to say FUCK a very lot – which is a VERY VERY lot for me. I like to listen to the shake the dust poem. I stick yellow sticky notes everywhere saying “this too will pass”. Remember you is ace, you is loved and you is supported x

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