Fall at your feet

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Sometimes astrology is so spot on, it hurts. Like this post from Michael Lutin, that I read on Saturday.

Ten hours later, my daughter had broken her foot. Yep. My VCE studying, super busy, involved in everything at school, daughter can’t walk, and can’t use crutches because of a pre-existing injury. Seriously? Yes.

So today will be about how to get her to her two-story school and manage classes, and other school such things. I told her she can Skype into classes. At least I know she’s going to them, that way.

What was weird about yesterday,  was that in the waiting room of the hospital, were three people, all with a broken foot each. THREE.

You can’t tell me Michael Lutin isn’t onto something.

I have a love/hate relationship with astrology. When it’s good, I love it, when the planets are in turmoil, I run away, calling heresy. Yes, I’m a hypocrite but then so is every single person who claims not to believe but still reads their scopes in the paper, as they wait for their coffee.

Today I’m both acknowledging the skies, while also shaking my fist at the planets.

Also I’m single mothering, so I best be off to be a nurse, chauffeur, and copywriter for hire, throwing out the words for silver coins. If you need me, wave from above and send cake.

Mad love friends.



2 thoughts on “Fall at your feet”

  1. This full moon requires a gift to the earth so to tick two things off the to do list in one hit I say open a very good bottle of wine and give the first glass to the earth and then drink the rest.

  2. Sending ethereal cake – it’s not the same, I know, but it is fudgy chocolate with chocolate icing and Lindor chocolate balls xo

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