Consciously Manipulating



Is there anything else to be said about the oddly and pretentiously worded statement from Gwyneth Paltrow, about her separation from Chris Martin?

Consciously Uncoupling? Consciously bullshitting.

She certainly knows how to put the public offside but she also knows how to create buzzwords.

Just 24 hours ago, I wrote on Facebook that I was ready to say goodbye to words including, Throwback, Regram, Lifehack, Imma and Kimye.

There were some excellent contributions including, Erry, Yolo, Lean In, Proactive and the overuse of the word Hero to describe everyday accomplishments.

I’m also calling for a moratorium on the words Fabu and Fabulous, which readers know I detest. Are you a drag queen? Do you spout wisdom to your girlfriend using Sex and The City episodes as backup to your argument? Shhhh darling, shhhh.

It seems ‘Goop’ has become an adjective, which in turn is trademarked, so now she owns a word. A mutha fuckin’ word! She really is something else, isn’t she? Call it Goop and she will ‘Consciously Sue’ you.

What word would you own if you could?

Mine would be Pithy, Scintilla or Talisman. I don’t know why, they just thrill me.

Meanwhile the rest of the world is putty in Gwnnie’s hands, while we wait patiently for the next instalment of ‘How to divorce the Goopy way.’

Happy Consciously Day.



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