Visual Meditation

These are pretty things that I have saved into my image file, over the last few weeks.

They calm me. Looking at beautiful things always calms me. Art, clothes, gardens, colours. Sometimes I get Stendhal Syndrome. I once had it when I was pregnant, and in a store that had some stunning Easton Pearson embroidery.

I cried because it was so exquisite. Dave lead me slowly from the shop, laughing nervously at my reaction, while I muttered something about the tiny gossamer threads.

So in no particular order, here are some images I have saved of recent times.


I want more green in my house. Plants or the like. I’m not fussy.


I’m Captain Workalot at the moment, which is ace, but when will I play like a pirate?

It’s been so long, I can’t remember where I put my cutlass.


Hello beautiful packaging and toile shoes.


This pot is $450. I won’t buy it, but gosh it’s pretty. I also couldn’t be bothered cleaning the copper.


This was a long time coming but amazingly worth the initial pain of withdrawal. Release yourself from the tyranny of history and politeness.


Don’t be an errorist. Be alert, not alarmed.



My friend sent me this last week. It made me laugh. She know’s where I’m at.



Ain’t that the truth?





I’m gonna be a fucking millionaire!


Happy Friday!



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