Life in motion



When I’m well, I can cook almost anything, although my daughter would arch an eyebrow at my cake raising skills.

When I’m on the downward slope, I can’t get it together in the kitchen. When I was really unwell five years ago, my family were served burned food for weeks until my mother stepped in and took over for a while.

Last night I made FODMAP friendly pesto. Basil, baby spinach leaves , lemon juice, pinenuts, parmesean cheese, a pinch of seasalt and a dash of garlic infused olive oil. It was so good. The lemony taste gave it a hit that made up for the lack of garlic, Throw it through some gluten free pasta, a little goats cheese and roasted cherry tomatoes and you have such a delicious dinner,

Today I’m going to make a raspberry and lemon frangipane. I’ve made it before and I’ll make it again and again.



I took this photo at Brighton Beach yesterday. It was 7.30am. Behind me, five hot air balloons floated blissfully. It was so perfect, I had to take a snap on my phone. No filter. This is exactly as it was. Melbourne was glinting to the right of me, the sun hitting the skyscrapers with flashes of gold.

photo 1

My daughter is doing her final year at school. She had four exams this week. My dining table is now for study purposes only. This is what Year 12 looks like. It’s not pretty. It’s not for the faint of heart.

photo 2

I often look like a thumb in photos. Then I watched this video on how to de-thumb yourself in photos. It works. Thumb Be Gone! See below.


photo 3



I took this photo at my son’s school carnival. Not bad for an iPhone shot.

photo 4


Now I’m off to weave words together for the day. This is my life.

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