Modern Philosophy



I was talking to one of my BFF about personal responsibility, and how social media seems to be a ‘get out of jail free’ card, for people to say whatever they like, with not even a backwards glance in the self-awareness mirror, or an iota of responsibility about information they share.

Have you seen these sorts of memes and images?


First off. You’re a person not an animal. Handle yourself and don’t be a spoiled brat. Secondly, no one deserves you or anyone else. You’re not a prize. And third, this quote is from Marilyn Monroe. She is the shining example of a woman who couldn’t handle herself. Don’t make your bullshit someone else’s problem and then expect them to ‘handle’ you.


I’m just going to leave this one here. This goes with the ones about treated like a Queen.



No. You’re a bitch, who upsets people. Everything thinks you’re an angry person who hates her own life and choices. You don’t have a right to be mean. Be polite. Have manners.


Stop putting up selfies. We know what you look like. This one flips me out. ‘Don’t judge me by my looks’ in one statement, and then, ‘Look how great I look’ with yet another picture of yo’ fine self to cement the narcissism. It’s Kardashian Disease. At one stage my teenager was putting up so many selfies, I had to have a chat about how that might come across. Now she’s a bit older, she doesn’t post them. You’re much more interesting when your camera lens is focussed outwards, than inward.


No. No. No.

There is a new term for this kind of thinking. It’s called ‘existential narcissism’. Basically it’s about doing whatever the fuck you want,’Cos it’s my life, my experience, blah blah blah.’ This quote from The Power of Change sums it up about the author Timothy Ferris, the King of the Four Hour Workweek and posterboy for Existential Narcissism.

 His whole life is dedicated to the accrual of experiences which will keep him from self-doubt and boredom. His goals are freedom of time and movement with finances as a means to these ends. Gone are the desires to live a life according to virtue, or according to truth, or in order to find peace. What remains in western culture, among the educated elite – is the end of the post enlightenment narrative. Freedom to do what you want, when you want and how you want. It is the last phase of the autonomy project of western culture. If you get lonely, empty, bored, miserable…don’t find a real solution to your problems – just hop a plane to Berlin, or Beunos Aries or Thailand. There you can rent out big tables at clubs and have experiences. All while your Indian assistants and two thirds world outsourcers make money for the new western prince.



My daughter told me that someone she knew was getting a tattoo of her the name of a friend who died 18 months ago so she would never forget her. She was offended because this person wasn’t close friends with the girl. I said to her, ‘Let her be, if she has to get a tattoo to remember this girl, then she wasn’t her true friend in the first place. When someone you love dies, you don’t need a tattoo, they are with you ever minute of every day.’

The theory that young adults now solve their problems by getting a tattoos about their ‘struggles’,  is valid. I see them everywhere now. In fact, not being inked is the new anarchy.


I had a friend who had a tiny little henna tattoo of the infinity symbol or lemniscate, as it’s sometimes known, on the inside of her wrist. She did this years and years ago. Now everyone is doing it but she did it first. She did it because she was going through an intense spiritual awakening and dreamed of the symbol on her body and thus did the deed. Now they’re everywhere, and most don’t know what the symbol means in either mathematical, spiritual or symbolic terms.


A heads up lady, an anchor sinks. It’s going to sink down to the bottom of the ocean. It’s not a great metaphor for staying afloat. Just sayin’.



Oh my god. Shut up. Now. Shhhh.

In reality I would love to see more of the images below. These are the ones that make me smile. Of course many of them are from Louis C.K, the greatest philosopher of this century

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That’s it.

Happy Thursday.


P.S I am sure I will offended someone with this post. It’s not intentional and if I have I apologise in advance for being an asshole. See, that wasn’t so hard was it?



2 thoughts on “Modern Philosophy”

  1. I understand what you are saying and concur! I also deplore tops with “spoilt brat” or some equally rude statement that is being worn as a badge of honour for six year olds! I don’t think we need to go over board with the PC and I was very much a “rebel without a cause” when young, I am not denying the need for youth to express themselves and angst, but this f@#$% off, I’ll do what I want even if it trashes you”, this self centred-ness is beginning to worry me. How are these people going to care for the vulnerable when they are in charge?

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