Fashion Leftovers


On Friday, I hit up a large Op Shop in St Kilda.

It’s renowned for some excellent finds, and it’s always entertaining as people haggle over eggs cups, backpackers lug tables out the door, and students browse the extensive book collection.

As I flipped through the clothes, I started to notice many variations of the same items and I started to laugh quietly to myself, which no one thought was strange in this venue and context. People laughing and talking to themselves over the clothes is a common occurrence in this place.

Fashion trends come and go. Some of them come, and stay a while. The items I saw didn’t stay long on the racks and by the looks of it, in the wardrobes either. Some ideas were better than others. Some were just plain bad from the get go.

Here are the most donated fashion items of the last twelve months:



Jumpsuits. Yes, oversized giant baby clothes. Bed time wear is a onesie. Day time is for rompers. Night time is for jumpsuits. Stop. Now. And by the way, these are the most god awful things to ever happen to a woman busting for the bathroom, since bodysuits in the 80’s. You have to get naked to wee. It’s not cool.

There were so many of these, most looked unworn. Many came with metallic belts. All came to the Op Shop with regret.



I could never wear a vest like this since I heard about the range that came through a large Australian chain store that were proved to be made from Golden Retriever. You’re wearing dog fur? Okay. Not. Also I think these are a little Chewbacca for my tastes. There are many around the suburb where I used to live. Botox and fur vests. It’s a thing.

I saw many of these in the shop. A sad trophy of a fashion trend gone by. I suggest the Game of Thrones costumier bags them all for the extras on set. After all, Winter is coming.



The high-low dress or ‘mullet’ as it’s known. I feel about this dress the way I do about brunch. Decide on a meal. Is it breakfast or lunch? Is it a long dress or short? Is it a party at the front, ball gown at the back?  So, so many of these dresses. So many low decisions, with high expectations.




Regrettable shoes. There are no words, only broken ankles.


Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 8.31.12 am

The ‘Waterfall’ cardigan. This is the top half equivalent of the high low dress. There were so many of these. These are the fashion version of ‘settling’ in middle age. Ping Pong and Blue Illusion seemed to be the main dealers in the Waterfall garment.  Decide on the length people. Be brave.


Op Shops represent the zeitgeist of a time. It’s fun to go through the items and see what was in fashion for both the body and the home. (There were many bread making machines. Ten years ago, it was pasta machines.)

Op Shops are great to find classic items. The Pringle cashmere sweater, a classic white casserole dish, a copy of that book that you always wanted to read.

They are also good for last years trends. So if your want to wear a jumpsuit, with a fur vest, or a mullet dress with a backwards mullet cardi, both worn with ugly shoes, then you know where to go!

Happy Monday bargain hunters!


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