Breathe out


Oh hai! How’re you?

I haven’t posted for a while because I have things going on in my life, some of it shit, some of it less shit. All of it requiring my  presence and my time.

But this weekend, I managed to do something for me, which included a trip to the NGV to see William Blake’s work.  I forgot to take my reading glasses, so I had to squint at the Songs of Innocence and Experience, making me look like I was disapproving. I was not. I was merely focussing, and internally scolding myself for not admitting I need to take my lunettes where ever I go.

I also went for a run. That’s another story for another day, but yes, I imagine I will be hurting tomorrow.

I did some gardening, nothing too strenuous, then watched the rain while sitting in front of the fire, and exhaled. I feel like I have been holding my breath for the past three months.

I also read a cracking book called I am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes. It was my first ever spy, thriller novel and it has spoiled me for anything else. If you like books like John Le Carré, Daniel De Silva and Robert Ludlem, then this is for you.

I haven’t inhaled a novel so voraciously since Night Film, so this was such a treat to sit alone and read.

Do you care about the details of my life? I’m not always sure people give a crap or are even reading but I like to read what other people are doing in their day. I also like to look at people’s holiday and wedding photos. Yes, I’m that person. I think it’s because I like to collect information about people, their lives and experiences and their opinions. Everything is inspiration for my books, characters and scenes. Everything matters.



One thought on “Breathe out”

  1. yes I care… I like to see other peoples holiday and especially wedding photos – it doesn’t matter that I don’t them! I also like to watch the rain… especially if it’s really cold out and I’m all cosy warm in slippies and pjs

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