The Mother of all days



Nothing creates more chaos at shopping centres than Mother’s Day. Christmas is intense but there is a sense of order to Christmas present buying. Not on Mother’s Day. Nope. All bets are off.

On Saturday, (Mother’s Day Eve),  so my daughter and I hit a shopping centre with the purpose of buying a present for a friend of my son. First warning that things weren’t right was the parking frenzy playing out, with men in cars tackling the lack of parking spaces like it was a sport, and a sport to be won at all costs. Luckily I am well trained in the art of park hunting, with some well thought out strategy, we finally found our place.

However, inside the centre wasn’t any better. Men milled about looking worried. I heard a man yelling at his son, who looked about ten years old, ‘I don’t know what to get her, she’s your mother!’

Or the young man buying the ridiculously small lingerie, saying to the girl at the counter, ‘She’s just had a baby’. Dude. She’s gonna want to wear knickerbockers and a genie bra, for at least three years. Kudos for the optimism though.

Another man, a more sensible man, bought flannel pyjama’s with donuts on them. He was older, his kids were in their early teens. he’s smart. Donut pyjama’s always win over tiny bits of lace.

On Sunday, things didn’t get any better, with men and children filling the supermarket, pushing their trolley, looking like they had travelled in time to land they didn’t understand. The father’s clutching lists like life buoys, and little children pointing out the right cereal that Mummy likes.

I loved that they tried though. I loved that they took those lists, and attacked the parking challenges for the greater good. Happy wife, happy life. Isn’t that the saying?

I was also looked after by my kiddo’s. Breakfast, a few lovely presents, kisses, laughter and some teasing about how crazy I am. Yep, I am crazy but they love me all the same.

As Celine Dion says, ‘I would like to dedicate this to all the parents and children of the world.’ (Which = everybody!)


Happy Monday.

One thought on “The Mother of all days”

  1. Thanks for this post, it’s so true and so funny. I wonder who came up with the idea that all mothers want PJ/slippers for Mother’s Day! The craziness was also seen on the road, people were probably in a rush to get to the shops last minute to buy presents.

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