Rehab For Miserablists

My goal for the next twenty-four hours is not to complain. This has already been sorely tested by waking up just after five o’clock, letting the dog out in the rain, then letting her back in, and then finding she had pooped on the floor half an hour later

She doesn’t like to poop in the rain.

Look, who does? But goddammit bitch, take one for the team will you?

So I had an Ikea tea towel twisted into each nostril, as I scrubbed and sluiced (this was a two hander) and I reminded myself to not complain, instead find a solution.

Endless complaining about ‘stuff’ is bad for your mental health. It teaches your brain that you are without power to change your life. It’s also a way to avoid responsibility. If everyone else is an idiot all the time, then perhaps you might want to take a look at yourself and see if in fact you’re a bit of a nincompoop also. (No pun intended.)

There is a difference between whingeing and effectively complaining. Effective complaining is asking for the other party to step up, usually it’s to companies and sometimes it works.

And here’s another thing. Complaining is actually boring to listen to when it’s the same thing going on and no changes being made.

I have a friend to whom, when you complain about the same thing too often, says, ‘This isn’t news. What are you going to do about it? Don’t talk about it again until you’ve done something about it!’

Game. Set. Match.

One of the most recent outbreak of complaining is on Facebook about the Australian Budget.

I have some very politically minded friends, and the endless screaming on Facebook is starting to become so negative I don’t think I can see anymore. It’s endlessly exhausting to read.

Instead of whingeing about them, I just hid their feed. I figured they need to vent, but we don’t all need to read it. Hiding a feed is much more mature. I don’t want to de-friend them, I just don’t want to read it all the time. This is active solution finding.

So wish me well on my complaining rehab.

I’m focussing on the positive and looking forward to the day.

*Fist pump!*




5 thoughts on “Rehab For Miserablists”

  1. Thanks for the laugh, Kate. My dog doesn’t like to get her paws wet during her morning routine either. I haven’t scaped poop yet but I’m sure it’s coming:)
    I’m with you on the positivity, it’s so easy to get into a negative pattern and complain about everything. I’m coming with you on this positivity thing and looking forward to the day. Have a lovely one, Kate xo

  2. RIght on Kate! Love how your friend handles complainers around her – my next goal will be to learn new skills to handle miserablists around me ( she says without complaint!)

  3. Yep I’m def going to employ that tactic too, well attempt it at least! Just a little perspective for you re dogs and their bowel movements. One of my friends came home to discover that her robot vacuum cleaner had run through a pile of her new puppy’s droppings over and over and over up and down the length of her carpeted hallway- can you imagine?!

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