Weekend Viewing


I watched season 2 of Orange is the New Black over the long weekend, and cried when it finished. Such an inspiring ending. Do you watch it? If you thought it was just an American version of Prisoner, you’re wrong. It’s so much more.

If Game of Thrones is epic Hollywood, then OITNB is indie perfection. You can have both, you won’t be a traitor to either genre.

I also attempted to watch The Wolf of Wall Street. Hated it. I hated the direction and the script and the character, and the fact I have seen it before in every other Scorsese film. He phoned it in, and Leo really worked hard. I want to send Leo a memo –

Dear Leo,

You will never win an Oscar when you play characters that audiences find impossible to like. Jordan Belfort,  Gatsby and Howard Hughes, J.Edgar Hoover, Calvin Candie- the vicious slave owner, and the lying faker from Catch Me If You Can. If we combine this with the fact that you only date Victoria’s Secret models, then people think you’re like the characters you play. Maybe you’re not, Kate Winslet speaks highly of you, and I like Kate, she seems like a good egg. 

Leo, Choose better roles. It’s easy to play a prick. It’s easy to yell and act arrogant on screen. Pathos is harder. Inciting laughter is even more difficult. I see brilliance, but you choose the safe roles.

Have a chat to Matthew McConaughey. He turned his career around. It’s hard to change but it’s worth it.






Am I right? I can see you nodding. What can we do besides share the love and the knowledge?

Happy Monday beloveds ,and a shout out to my homeslice Deano. You keep fighting the power and stick it to the man!

*fist pump*

P.S I also watched The Tony’s. Is it a coincidence that it was shown on the Queen’s Birthday holiday? Seem legit.


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