Hot or Not?


After being hacked on Twitter, Linked In, WordPress and Instagram, I wondered what on earth people would want with my information.

I also wondered how many social media applications I can have, and use properly.

My social media club membership was long:

  • Facebook  aka How you think your life is.
  • Twitter aka My opinions matters
  • Pinterest aka How you wish your life was
  • Google + -aka  No one cares, no one is here anyway
  • Four Square aka  All the cool places you are
  • Tumblr aka How deeply you feel
  • Instagram aka How happy you are
  • Linked In aka How important you are and who you know
  • About Me aka No one cares, no one is here
  • Vine aka  How wacky you are
  • Soundcloud aka How interesting your music tastes are
  • Spotify aka What music you really listen to
  • Polyvore aka How fashion forward I am
  • Path aka  Tumbleweeds, no one is here
  • Goodreads aka How well read you are

And how many of these do I use?

  • Facebook – Most days
  • Twitter – every other day
  • Instagram – Every other day
  • Pinterest – Once a week

So I went through the list and left those I don’t use. I know I can have a dormant account online, but it feels messy, and I just don’t want people seeing what books I’m reading, what was the last song I listened to on Spotify and who added me on Linked In.

I want to choose the information I share with the world. Also, it a reflection of me trying everything and sticking to nothing. I don’t need to be all over social media. When a new social media app comes along, I don’t need to take it up so I can be the first with the latest.

And having so many profiles online is a little narcissistic, isn’t it? No one is that important. In fact, the important ones aren’t all over the web. They are to f*cking busy getting on with their important work.

It’s kind of freeing to give my identity back to myself. So many places for my egg-head to be seen, and so little to say.

It’s not that there isn’t valid reasons to use the apps I listed above, it’s just that I don’t and so I don’t need to keep my profile online. If you’re a DJ then Soundcloud is your best friend but I barely have enough time to listen to a song all the way through.

I have also unsubscribed from a remarkable about of email newsletters, and culled my Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram followers.  It’s a good thing. Less to think about and less to say. Less is more in 2014.

Read more here at J.T Ellison’s blog. A perfect summation.

Happy Tuesday!






4 thoughts on “Hot or Not?”

  1. Bravo, Kate!

    I did an email newsletter cull the other week and now I spend less time deleting and am more likely to read the remainder.

    Social media is more about connecting than showing off (on the whole). I’m not nearly as disciplined as I’d like to be. Usually if I’m on social media it just means I’m taking a two minute break that stretches out way longer than it should. I’m proud of myself if I last an hour at the desk without checking Twitter and Facebook.

    Here’s hoping you stay unhacked from now on!

    Simone xx

  2. Can anyone tell me what FB is about anymore, is it legit for anything ?
    I like readings blogs but bugger off re: subscribing, I like being random.
    Yep, love stumbling on a good pic, slogan, story etc, will peruse but new rule not to committ any further. Twitter is good for that.
    Work colleague obsessed with Pinterest for pre bedtime funnies, WTF.
    Too much crap, just too much crap and I gotta get on with my work or cooking dinner

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