It’s been a long time between drinks but today is a good day. Excellent news about book stuff, some exciting TV stuff going on and some other work stuff that is inspiring and makes me feel like I’m helping a cause I’m passionate about.

Health issues resolving in the House of Broken, and a gorgeous night with good people for a birthday topped my week off.

Life is funny the way it twists and turns. I imagine that to live everyday without bumps would be boring but it’s still good to have a bump free day.

I’ve had a little fairy in my house this week, a ten-year old blossom child whose Mumma and Papa are in New York. It has been a joy, and she makes me laugh and she laughs twice as much as anyone else in the house. Whether she chasing the dogs up the hall, playing basketball, watching TV and colouring in her new sticker book.

Little kids are fun. She is easily impressed by Tansy’s humour and into Tansy’s love for nail polish. She talked basketball with Spike and played one on one with him in her pyjama’s. That was the day she didn’t get out of her pyjama’s all day and I applauded her. Pyjama days are vital.

We played loud and boisterous games of Uno. She watched stupid movies with Tansy. She cemented her love of Mint Slices as she and I drank cups of tea together.

She asked for Dave to put her to bed, and let me blow dry her hair. It was nice to have a little one in the house again but she’s ready to go home.

We will miss her. The dogs most of all.  She brushed their coats everyday, gave them her toast crusts and let them lie on her lap. There has never been a friend to Bert and Charlotte like Lily.

Happy Friday.





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  1. I have felt a yearning for my almost ten year old niece before reading this and now I want to drive to Daylesford where she is having a few days with her friend and kidnap her and get high on her before reluctantly handing her back x

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